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A band of musicians , strugglers, enthusiasts meeting at a perfect platform to share their skill and create a masterpiece , how about that! Well, this beautiful idea is nothing but “Thecollabro” where all the Quirky bandwagon of musicians are registered. Be it Lyrics, Guitar, Piano , vocal , violin, Drums, etc. the sheer madness of creating original out of something and ending up a masterpiece in music by the new comers is ecstatic.

The idea is stemmed by two enthusiasts Hari Nikesh and Sameer. In the world where new ideas and ways are a taboo, they dared to make a difference and the stems have become beautiful leaves with implementation in the form of “The collabro”

To grow flowers out of the idea and to nurture this to life, they seek likeminded enthusiasts and Investors. We, at Inovies highly anticipate the success of the idea and good luck to these guys Want to associate with these buddies, here you can harinikesh4u[at]gmail[dot]com