Catch Criminals with Artificial Intelligence

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There’s nothing Artificial Intelligence could not do now a days. With chatbotsaround, AI has been fun and easy to go .

This idea has been bloomed in awe with the Criminal Investigation Department. This folks, does a great deal of work in catching the criminals and more often than not, indulge in similar actions such as phone records analysis, neighbourhood check, past criminal background, substantial evidence, potential culprits and finally catching the criminals

Most of the tasks (web application) are lined one by one in accordance to the Crime being investigated. Inovies comes up with an idea to develop a system where all these regular tasks are lined with Artificial Intelligence to help catching the criminal.

This saves lot of effort by human and zero error by the machines. A criminal conviction has never been easy Feel this idea is raw and want to add enhancements to it, please mail it here [email protected]

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