Delivery on the Fly with Drones

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A booming concept with lots of approvals and restrictions, especially in a county like India. How cool is that when ecommerce happens with drones, machines deliver your order travelling over the sky with automations While this idea has a negative side of replacing the human delivery and employment with machines / drones.

All the automations happen in the system and the receiver could receive the items he placed within very less works same as general ecommerce, but the delivery happens with the help of drones.

These drones carry an automated system where it travels and track location with GPS and delivers the product. It has an advantage of saving road traffic, avoiding accidents happening , replacement of items before delivery by some vendors and what not.

Generated by Inovies, This idea has been in a budding stage to the research stage of how the Government approvals can happen. For this idea, not everything can happen over a coffee.

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