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This idea has been groomed to reality by Inovies, presented a ecommerce platform where the sender books a present to his loved one online and the receiver can take the Gift from anywhere on his way.

This works just like our earlier Prepaid recharge vouchers. Where recharge could be possible anywhere with the local vendors.

This not only makes the work easier for the supplier, but also optimises the delivery to the end user. The end user can show the code to the local vendor (which will be tied up with the supplier) and take the Gift on his way. It reduces the complexity of fake products being delivered, road mishaps and congestion for delivery and the need to wait at home to receive the delivery

The more the idea is progressing, the more sophistication its enriching with. We can’t wait to get the product out, Do you have anything to add, please reach out to [email protected]. We value your suggestions and credit your contribution to its best.