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Isn't it great when you feel you have an awesome idea and you are the owner of it. Anybody using part or complete idea of yours have to seek your approval?

We , at Inovies have been witnessing the idea owners and their apprehensions on a daily basis. When an individual feel that he got an idea which could do wonders when implemented, he could get the idea certified and a unique id will be generated. This idea when some other person wants to use it , have to seek the idea owner with the unique id. Its just like a copyright. Millions of ideas are being generated and published online every day.

Well, the process goes something like this. An idea owner approaches to get the idea certified and copyrighted. A proper proof of the authority is to be attached while registering. Our algorithm searches of its authenticity over the internet. If a less than 40% plagiarism is visible, the idea is selected and put across a panel to the next approval.

The jury of the Researcher, analysts, academicians, entrepreneurs and Think tanks gives the final verdict on the idea to be certified. This idea is being generated by Inovies. We are in the process of implementing the algorithm. If you have anything to add or put forward, we are happy to see your suggestions onboard.